Slide Cargo Interior Designers are leaders in luxury home staging. Our job is to make your home extremely marketable and to visually stand out. Each room tells a story ... we carefully design each room, the flow and connectivity, to complete the final visually captivating picture. Your home will sell faster and at a far greater price than homes which are not staged. All of our pieces are carefully sourced from the most exclusive interior design houses and suppliers. Staging highlights the best features of your home and allows the buyer to visualise each space, how it works, and more importantly, how to make it their own. LUXURY HOME
Regardless of your budget, or your demographic, a potential buyer is always looking for a visual and emotional connection when looking for their new home. Cargo Interiors help to create that special appeal to capture and hold the attention of your buyer. A beautifully staged property will sell itself from the first moment the buyer connects. With our large warehouse of classic contemporary furnishings, artwork, furniture and design accents, our creative team have successfully staged numerous distinguished and highly sought after properties, and within the first few weeks.